October 9, 2022

Best Short-Term Travel Health Insurance


People are excited about their international trips; they pack their bags and keep their passports and necessary items in a hurry! International trips can be exhilarating. However, preparing for your visit to the destination couture requires a complex procedure. You have to make a lot of arrangements because a slight mistake or misstep can fill your trip with suffering. Most of us have planned everything but forget about crucial things, i.e., sickness or accidents. 

Suppose you are in a different nation like the USA and get injured or suffer from sickness; such things can eat up all your money and digest your bank savings with the hospital bills, as the USA is one of the most expensive countries. In such a situation, if you have travel health insurance, it will provide financial aid that will cover all your medical expenses and protect your pocket from the high cost of treatment. Short-term travel health insurance is perfect for you as you are on a trip to another country for a short time. 

So, what is short-term travel health insurance, and how is it beneficial for you during your trip to a foreign country? All things will be covered in this article. 

What is Short-term travel health insurance?

Most of us are familiar with health insurance that will cover all our medical expenses if we get injured or suffer from illness. With little investment in health insurance, one can save a lot of money on the bills of treatment. Suppose you are traveling from one nation to another. In that case, there is special health insurance for you, known as travel health insurance, which will cover your hospital and medical expenses when you are in a foreign country. 

Like if you are a student visiting the US to compete in higher studies at a recognized institution or University. You are highly recommended for travel health insurance to keep an aid along with you. It is essential because you are supposed to stay there for years to study, but what if you are visiting the US to spend your vacation for a few days or months? In this case, you can go for short-term travel health insurance. 

It is similar to ordinary travel health insurance, just limited to your journey to an international country. 

Difference between Travel insurance and Travel health insurance 

There are two terms casually used for travel insurance, i.e., Travel insurance and travel health insurance. Here, Travel insurance covers both your medical bills during the emergencies and other services like cancellation of a trip at the last moment, losing your passport or luggage, and many more things. The medical services are limited in the travel insurance plans. 

Travel health insurance is specially made for medical expenses and will cover all your hospital bills, staying charges, medications, books and scans, test reports, and all other statements. Short-term travel health insurance has a tenure of around five days to a maximum number of 60 days. At the same time, comprehensive travel health insurance can be bought between a period of five days to three years. 

Who needs short-term international travel health insurance?

Let’s look at the benefits and financial aid. It is highly recommended for everyone who is traveling aboard to get the best International travel health insurance to aid their journey. It will save your bank balance and help you in the emergency consequences. As there are two major types of international travel health insurance, here are they and who needs whom: 

  • The first one is comprehensive travel health insurance that will last for around five days to three years. It is best for people visiting abroad for a long time like students, employees or people in business. 
  • Another one is short-term travel health insurance. It will cover all your medical expenses for around five days to 60 days. It is highly recommended for people who are traveling abroad to spend a vacation, attend any meeting or conference, award ceremony, and many more things for a short period. 

What are single-trip and multi-trip travel health insurance?

There are two types of travel health insurance, i.e., the single trip tracks health insurance which is valid only for a single trip and a specific period. It will expire or not be valid after you depart from the destination country. At the same time, multi-trip travel health insurance is made for those people who continuously visit the same country from time to time. This includes people in business, politicians, and many more. Travel health insurance will automatically activate travel health insurance whenever they visit the designated country. 

What must the best travel health insurance have?

Travel health insurance is considered the best one only if it satisfies some of the basic needs and requirements of the users. Below mentioned are the things that must be included in the best travel health insurance; these things determine whether it is best or not: 

  • Pharmacy discounts 
  • You can choose the doctor or hospital as per your choice. 
  • There must be 24×7 access to the medical services and hotline to talk to the medical experts for medical advice directly. 
  • The limit of coverage must be around $50,000 to $2,500,000, which is required during emergency treatment. 
  • As of the COVID-19 pandemic, travel health insurance must cover the corona checkups or testing during airports or other places all over the country when required. 
  • There must be a predictable option of around $0 to $2000. 


While traveling abroad, there must be valid international travel health insurance to get financial aid from the insurance company in your emergencies. There are some plans that are known as cashless travel health insurance where you are not supposed to pay the bills, and the insurance company will directly contact the hospital and make the payment accordingly. 

Whereas in ordinary insurance, you need to pay the bills and then apply for a claim to the insurance company. The procedure will take several days to compensate you for the bills. 


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