October 30, 2022

Tata Aig Health Insurance For International Travel 2023


Traveling from one place to another for pleasure and vacations is one of the most satisfying things. Especially when you are traveling to the out like the USA. America is one of the most popular and significant places of tourist interest from all over the world. It receives millions of tourists across the globe every year. It is loaded with varied landscapes and diverse cultures that attract the eye of visitors. 

It has iconic global landmarks and historical monuments that are worth visiting. From the semi-Arctic terrain of Alaska in the North to Huawei in the South and the scenic beaches of Florida, every place had different adventures and explorations. But before visiting the USA, there is a need to add some most important things to your bucket. One of them is travel insurance. In this article, we will tell you about international travel insurance tata AIG. 

What is international travel insurance? 

International travel insurance is a policy that will cover all the major and minor issues that occur during your travel to a foreign country. It is designed to provide you with financial aid in emergencies. This includes minor issues like the loss of luggage, missed airline connections, etc., and also some significant issues like injury, accident, or severe illness. There are a lot of things that are covered in international travel insurance; here are a few of them: 

Injury or illness: Due to any factor you are injured or suffering from disease, the whole expense of hospital bills and medication is covered under your travel insurance policy. 

At-a-time cancellation: If due for any reason, you need to cancel the flight just one minute before the insurance will cover all your losses, including your pre-booked resorts and meals. Or you will get the same facilities after your next flight ticket. 

Lost luggage: If you somehow lost your luggage, then the airline only compensated you a small amount which is not equivalent to your valuable accessories. In such situations, your insurance will give you around $3000 as compensation. 

Coverage after credit limit: If your credit card limit is over and you are in a foreign country, then the insurance policy will cover your further expenses or emergency evaluations. 

Hope you know about the aspects covered in the Tata AIG International health insurance, but there are a few things that are not covered in the insurance policy; below mentioned are: 

  • If you are performing an illegal activity and get injured. 
  • Serious illness by eating restricted food. 
  • In case of political unrest. 
  • Pre Existing condition waiver. 
  • Tata Aig Health Insurance For International Travel

Why is there a need for tata aig travel insurance international

There must be a similar question in everyone’s mind, why is there a need for a travel insurance while visiting internationally? Well! When you travel to a foreign country, you are unaware of the locality and many aspects of that particular country. Suppose you get sick during your stay and do not have enough money to get adequate treatment; in such a situation, travel insurance acts like financial aid and will cover all your hospital expenses. 

What if your luggage got lost at the airport and all your necessary accessories and cash are in your luggage? In such a situation, you might be in a big dilemma because nothing is free in big countries like the USA. The situation will become worse if your credit card limit is over or it is restricted due to technical issues. To help you with the travel insurance work as an antidote to your grief.  

Other benefits of international travel insurance in the USA

There are some other significant benefits you will get along with your TATA AIG international travel insurance to the USA; here are some of them: 

  • There is an option of buying the insurance in Indian rupees, and you will get t00% coverage only in American dollars.
  • There is a 30 days grace period for annual multi-trip renewals, along with the insurance policy. 
  • As of now, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the covid report is compulsory; in this situation, your Covid test will be covered in your insurance policy. 
  • You will get worldwide protection 24×7 for 365 days. 
  • It is one of the most affordable travel insurance, and it will cost you around INR 60.30 per day. No additional charges and hidden fees are included. 
  • More than 190+ countries are recognized under the TATA AIG international travel insurance. 

Travel Insurance plans are offered by TATA AIG 

There are four significant plans offered by TATA international travel insurance. All of these insurance plans are made for different purposes and requirements. Here are they: 


TATA AIG domestic tracks guard policy: This plan is specially made for students who go to foreign countries for higher studies in recognized institutions. There must be full-time attendance to avail of the insurance. The insurance will cover accidents, sicknesses, and all other medical expenses. The students from her group of 16-35 years will avail of the insurance. 


TATA AIG student guard overseas health insurance policy: This insurance is made only for people traveling across the country. This can be by air, road, or rail. Medical expenses, accidents, cancellations, and many more aspects are covered in this policy. 


TATA AIG Senior Citizens travel insurance plan: This insurance plan is made especially for senior citizens; it can be availed by people who are over 71 years of age. This insurance plan covers most age-related issues, including dental care, sickness, medical care, personal liability, and many more. 


TATA AIG international travel insurance policy 

This policy is made to tackle all kinds of unforeseen circumstances happening during your overseas journey. All you need is to contact the insurer, and all your needs and requirements will be taken care of. 


International visits will allow people to explore unseen places with great interest. Other than higher studies and essential work, a sector of people go overseas to spend their vacation and have a good time with their families. I hope this article helps you to learn all about international travel insurance. 


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