November 4, 2022

Domestic Partner Health Insurance Blue Cross


Domestic Partner Health Insurance Blue Cross The USA has been a superpower for the last decade and is one of the biggest countries with a diverse population. Research states that more than 18 million people in the USA used to live an unmarried life and stay alone. Also, those who are in a relationship do not want to get into a married life because of their roles and responsibilities. As a solution, they live together without marrying each other. 

This type of relationship is known as a domestic relationship, where two individuals live together like a married couple without marrying each other. This will allow them to escape from various roles and responsibilities. But there are some disadvantages of domestic partnership as well; one of the most significant disadvantages is the benefits of health insurance for domestic partners. First of all, understand the meaning of domestic partnership, then we move to cancel blue cross health insurance

What is a domestic partnership?

Some people think that domestic partners are the same-sex partners who come into a relationship, but rather is a relationship where two different individuals share the domestic life without getting into marriage and do not hold a marital status. These partners can be of the same sex and unisex. There are no legal rights and guidelines for domestic parents in the law of the USA. 

Whether you are in a domestic relationship or not is determined by the place you are residing. Also, whether you get domestic partner health insurance or not is determined by the place you are living. Now when it comes to insurance, most people have questions related to domestic partner health insurance. So, here we will try to resolve all your queries. 

What is domestic partner health insurance?

As there is no legal recognition and guidelines for domestic partners in the law. But there is a term for health insurance, i.e., domestic partner health insurance. In this type of insurance, the police, if insurance is extended to the domestic parent and the partner, will benefit similar to the married spouse. Also, the children of domestic partners will benefit from health insurance. 

But this increased the number of frauds, and people started to misuse the domestic partner insurance policy. As a solution, the insurance companies change their terms and introduce some rules for getting benefits for the domestic partner. Like they have to follow the federal, local, or state laws that pretend them as domestic partners. Or they need to provide that via domestic partner registers, affidavits, or certificates verified by authorities.


Eligibility criteria for domestic partner health insurance 

To get benefits through domestic partner health insurance, there is a need to meet the eligibility criteria; here are the eligibility conditions: 

  • Both partners must be unrelated to each other by blood. 
  • They must be in a domestic relationship for more than 12 months to get benefits. 
  • Both of them must be financially interdependent 
  • They must not be married to anyone else. 

How to cancel health insurance blue cross

Sometimes the family plans change suddenly, and both partners want to separate from each other. In this case, if you both are holding any health insurance, then there is a need to cancel it to prevent any further issues. The exact needs to be done with the domestic partnership. If both partners want to live their separate lives, there are no legal formalities, but they need to cancel their domestic partner’s health insurance. Here are the steps: 

  • First of all, you need to download the application form for cancellation and fill in the necessary details like name, Date of Birth, ID number, and many more. 
  • Then the reason for cancellation and proof that supports the reason authenticity. 
  • Then both partners need to sign this cancellation form. 
  • Now the cancelation form needs to be submitted using any of the options mentioned below: 
  • Fax on (651) 662-6439
  • US Mail at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota PO Box 64024 St. Paul, MN 55164-0024
  • Through email at

What is the Domestic partner health insurance tax in the USA?

In the case of the health insurance that is offered to married couples or spouses is considered in the category of benefits. But the benefits provided to the partner in a domestic relationship are considered taxable for the employee. Your coverage is taxable and included as the imputed income in your W-2 if any of the premiums of your domestic partner’s health insurance is paid by your employer. The amount depends upon what they have contributed, but what you are paying is deducted. 

The cost will be lower only if the domestic partner holds any of the subsidies. Also, there are some aspects that may make the premium paid by your employer tax-free. This can happen only if your domestic parent is: 

  • Resides in the same house as you 
  • Dependent on your financial support 
  • Citizens of Canada, the USA, and Mexico. 

What is Blue Cross Business health insurance? 

There is one more term, i.e., business health insurance. Well! Business health insurance is also known as group health insurance, where the business used to bind all their employees and workers under the health insurance policy, and a small amount is deducted from their salary as the insurance premium. There are various types of business health insurance small business health insurance, medium-scale business health insurance, and comprehensive business health insurance. 

The category is determined by the number of employees and workers in the group health insurance. The world’s most significant health insurance policy is taken by TATA group, which is an Indian multinational company with a net worth of around $250 Billion. 


The world is evolving, and some necessary laws are regulated by the constitution, like same-sex marriage, domestic marriage, living in relations, and many more. One of them is domestic relations; without marriage, two individuals can live together and have a child. The domestic partner can be included in the health insurance only if your connection follows the eligibility criteria as stated above. 


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