November 11, 2022

Can I Get F1 Visa For Online Course?


Can I Get F1 Visa For Online Course After the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020, most Universities in the US are availing their courses in online mode. The hybrid mode has to be closed due to the risk of the virus spreading on the community scale. The government of the US has determined several rules and guidelines for the Universities to conduct the classes and other formalities, including examinations and practicals in online mode only.

The USA is one of the most popular countries worldwide, with the best educational institutes and recognized universities. Millions of students all over the world used to study in US-based universities. But during the Coronavirus pandemic, it is hazardous because the student acts as the postman of a variety of coronavirus and spreads them from the US to the world or from other countries to the US. 

That is the only reason why such strict steps are taken. But this change has led to evolution, and nowadays, most popular universities offer online courses for international students. But there are some terms and conditions needed to be followed. One of them is the VISA. Here, in this article, we will discuss whether online courses qualify for an f1 visa and many more related questions. 

What is an F1 Visa?

F1 VISA is a type of nonimmigrant VISA made for those international students who want to carry on their higher studies from the USA in any university or college, private elementary school, seminary, conservatory, high school, language training program, or other academic institutions in the USA. Such students must fill out an application for the F1 VISA. The US department of state is the supreme authority that regulates the F1 nonimmigrant VISA for international students.  

Suppose you are willing to complete your higher studies at the world’s top-recognized universities, including Harvard University, Manchester University, and others. In that case, you must fill out an application form for the F1 VISA. 

Qualifications of F1 VISA

Not everyone will get the F1 VISA to complete their higher studies in American Universities. There are some terms and conditions which you can find on the official website of the US Department of State or US embassy. While applying for an F1 VISA, every student must face some questions and document verification.  

Also, there are some eligibility criteria one needs to fulfill, below mentioned are some eligibility requirements: 

Confirm admission: First of all, you need to apply for access to any of the high schools, elementary institutions, Universities, seminaries, or language-training programs. You can only apply for the F1 VISA if you get confirmed admission to any of the above-mentioned educational institutions. The SEVP must approve your access to continue with the procedure. 

Relations to your residence country: One of the most important eligibility for the F1 VISA is your ties to your home country. It would be best if you had strong ties to your homeland. This includes your bank account, job offers, family recognition, job offers, and many more. 

Intention to return home: As you are visiting the US only for educational purposes, you have to provide an intention to return after completing your course. You need to confirm the time and year when you have finished your course and will return to your home country without any delay. Your VISA is likely to get rejected if you state that you want to become a permanent resident of the US. 

Sufficient financial support: You have to prove that you have enough financial support to stay in the US and carry out all your study expenses on your own. Because employment opportunities in the US are limited. 

Can a student on an f1 visa do online courses?

Most of the students have this question in their minds. As the Universities in the US are offering online courses to international students, So can they get an F1 VISA or not? Well, it depends upon the type of online course you are enrolling in. If you are attending the full-time online course from any of the American institutions, then you are not eligible for F1 or any kind of VISA to the USA. 

You are only eligible for the F1 VISA if your course includes some hybrid classes and programs where every student has to visit the institution in a hybrid mode. In such a situation, you will quickly get the F1 VISA after meeting the eligibility criteria. You have to enroll in the f1 visa online courses. 

Which online courses are included in the F1 VISA?

Not every online course is capable of helping you to get the F1 VISA. There are some specific courses and other qualifications to get an F1 VISA. This includes the institution that offers the online course. You will get the VISA if you are availing the online course of the degree, diploma, or certificate from any of the academic high school, accredited college, seminary, University, conservatory, elementary school, or other academic institution or in a language training program in the USA. 

Also, the online course must not be fully online mode. It must include offline visits and hybrid classes like practical and theoretical examinations, seminars, and workshops. One of the most significant factors is your English proficiency level. While applying for the F1 VISA, the officials at the embassy will take an interview. If they find out that you are good at speaking, listening, and writing English well, then only your application will get accepted. 


You need to follow many things to get the F1 type of VISA for the US. This VISA will grant a temporary citizen of the US to you for a specific period. In the first year, you can not engage in any employment activities in the US except if you are following the curricular practical training of your course, Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, or Optional practical training related to your course. I hope you understand all about the online course f1 visa for the USA. 


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