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Screen Size 32 Inches
Brand Karbonn
Supported Internet Services Netflix, Prime Video, Inbuilt App Store, SonyLiv, Youtube, Hotstar
Display Technology LED
Resolution 720p
Refresh Rate 60 Hz


 Best 32 Inch Smart Android Tv In India 2023

When talking about Smart TVs people imagine amazing audio quality, high-quality displays, and ease of connectivity. Smart TVs are linked to the internet, allowing you to stream your favourite content from it. This is the ideal option for the workplace or home. You can stream without limit using voice search, and get access to other features that make your time with your TV more enjoyable. Relax and browse through this article about the Best 32 Inch Smart Android Tv In India 2023. It’s not necessary to worry about what TV to purchase or which one to avoid.


With the OnePlus TV 32Y1, OnePlus entered the budget television market. This OnePlus Y Series model is the latest model as per the manufacturer’s claims. The phone comes with easy Google assistance as well as single-touch options. To get quick access to them you can just click the options. The smart TV comes with an HD-ready display and 20W speaker, and OnePlus customized apps. Android 9.0 can also be downloaded.

It also has colour mapping, and, noise reduction as well as other excellent features that make it an excellent purchase. The majority of users enjoyed it. OnePlus Y Series’ Dolby surround sound system which comes with a twenty-watt speaker box. OnePlus is well-known for its high-end and affordable electronic gadgets. They’ve not only gained the market share of smartphones, however, but they also control the smart TV market.

It is possible to access nearly any application through the app store when you have an Android TV that is connected to OnePlus Connect. The interface is extremely smooth due to the Oxygen Play as well as the calendar of content. To make it more enjoyable, the TV has noise reduction as well as antialiasing and dynamic contrast technology.

The most appealing feature of this model is the 60-Hz speed of refresh for the LED panel that has a DCI P3 93% colour gamut. It is possible to connect to your Blu-Ray players or gaming panel using the 2 HDMI ports. There are two USB ports that permit external connectivity.


  • The device has the Bezel reduced design, which enhances the new look.
  • It is a straightforward connection to make it easier for interaction.
  • Dolby audio sounds can be utilized to make an unforgettable experience.
  • Gamma Engine displays fantastic results.
  • It also comes with the Shared Album feature which allows easy sharing of files.


This HD-ready TV has a 1366×768-pixel LCD panel that is illuminated by LEDs. OnePlus doesn’t mention the kind of panel they use on their site. I’d guess that it’s an IPS panel. This is a great TV for living spaces as it has wide view angles and is great for rooms with large spaces. The only downside of this TV is the black.

It’s impossible to get real blacks with this TV, and it isn’t equipped with local dimming. The website doesn’t even give information about contrast and brightness at the peak which are vital aspects to determine the quality. OnePlus did boast their TVs’ 93% DCI-P3 colour spectrum, which theoretically allows for the widest range of colours.

The colour profile is over-saturated in real life and will overwrite any natural tones. It’s also difficult to make use of brighter colours, which are ideal for nature documentaries. Learn more about Best 32 Inch Smart Android Tv In India 2023.

Qualitative Construction

This is a basic TV, so don’t be expecting anything extraordinary in the body. Its Panel has an aluminium back and the shell that houses the screen is constructed out of plastic. OnePlus says it is Display is free of bezels, however, the plastic cover covers the front. The TV’s thin bezels may appear modern however, I doubt that it will take any accidentally hit at the corner. There’s nothing to absorb the impact. There are no bezels to protect the TV until the TV is on.

Connections, Ports

They do not belong to one array but are situated at the edge of the screen. Two USB 2.0 ports as well as an Ethernet jack. There are also the S/PDIF ports. There are only 2 HDMI 2.0 ports equipped with an ARC. It’s somewhat disappointing that OnePlus has only two HDMI ports rather than three.

You can connect wirelessly to the internet, as well as to peripherals like mice, keyboards, and Xbox controllers with Bluetooth 5.0 as well as 2.4GHz Wi-Fi.


The 32Y1 from the OnePlus comes with 20W sound output as well as two speakers with 10W. They sound excellent at their best. Even when using Dolby audio-enabled content they sound sufficient to be considered a normal TV speaker. Let me explain. These speakers emit a high frequency, so they sound loud and suffer a bit at lower frequencies.

The speakers aren’t bass-friendly but are utilized for sports events and movies.


Smart TV remotes have all been used by me, but OnePlus has the best ergonomics. OnePlus has increased the width of the remote and has created an ergonomic design that can be used for every hand. It’s very comparable with other Android television remotes. The remote is very easy to use.

Technology and Performance:

OnePlus offers Android 9.0 with a couple of other apps, like OnePlus Connect and the Content Calendar. The Android TV OS 9.0 operates exactly like the other brands and comes with none of the unique features, aside from those OnePlus apps. OnePlus Connect lets you control your TV with your OnePlus phone or iPhone. Oxygen Play is an OTT content aggregator, as well as a Content Calendar that will remind you of your favourite films and shows.


  • Incredible Viewing from All Angles
  • 60 Hz refresh rate is a good to refresh rate
  • It also includes an incredibly responsive Google Assistant and OnePlus Connect
  • The ideal bezel-less design that utilizes 91.4 per cent of the screen-body proportion
  • Affordable price
  • Two years of total warranty, and simple replacement in 10 days
  • Great colour precision
  • The best sound quality


  • Data saving is not possible
  • Long start-up time
  • No 1080p resolution support


OnePlus has put numerous efforts into their budget TV. However, I would not recommend it for two reasons. The modern design of the bezel as well as OnePlus Software customization. The DCI-P3 colour gamut is also offered, but it’s not a big difference when compared to other TVs at this price.

The bezel-less design lets it feel like you are in the scene. It’s got many ports that make this one of the best Android televisions. It can be connected via any USB device or video game. You can control your TV using your smartphone by using the app called one plus. The app connects with one plus and lets you manage everything using typing sync and a quick switch to the app. So, this concludes our topic for Best 32 Inch Smart Android Tv In India 2023.

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