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Special Feature Lightweight, Wheels, Compact
Form Factor Cannister
Colour Blue
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Compact Bagless Vacuum India 2022

Vacuum cleaners are able to take the dust off the flooring, carpets as well as ceilings, roofs, and. They also utilize the highest-quality technology for filtering that improves the quality of air. A vacuum cleaner that’s effective can provide numerous health benefits for allergy sufferers. A vacuum cleaner is able to purify your air by removing dust particles from the air, and then capturing tiny dust particles inside filters. We’ll take a look at Compact Bagless Vacuum India 2022.

They are easy to clean and reliable. For the most value for your budget and to avoid any further issues ensure that you purchase one that isn’t bagged. There is a range of vacuum cleaners for sale at meager costs that are bagless and you shouldn’t be able to choose one.
However, it can be difficult to identify the ideal vacuum cleaner. For the best value and efficiency, find the most effective cleaner.

The PowerPro FC9352/01 bagless vacuum Cleaner is the ideal choice. This vacuum cleaner is worthy of having a take a look.


Philips PowerPro vacuum cleaner Philips PowerPro vacuum cleaner is perfect for people who suffer from allergies. The vacuum cleaner’s filter system is sealed to catch pollen, dust as well as other particles. You can lead to a healthier existence by capturing 99.9 percent of particles.

This vacuum cleaner is simple to use. Simply grab the bin, and empty it with care. The dust cloud that can engulf people can be slowed down.

Phillips offers a variety of kitchen appliances. This boosts the credibility of the company as well as makes Phillips among the top brands in the marketplace. This is greater security and reliability. Philips PowerPro FC9352/01 Bagless Vacuum Cleaner includes all the features you require.

The pipes are wide enough that they can get to difficult places in less than a minute. This canister’s main advantage is the five-stage process which removes dust and dirt prior to dumping it into the canister. The engine’s power is 1900W which is able to be turned up and allows the use for longer durations.

It is able to easily move dirt because of its suction power. Its handle can be comfier and more long-lasting which makes it more comfortable to use for longer durations of time.



The engine is able to produce a power consumption of 1900 watts, and a suction power output of 350 milliwatts.

Cyclone Of Force

Philips bagless vacuum cleaner utilizes the power cyclone technology. The vacuum cleaner is created to eliminate dust and dirt off the surface. It’s a pity that it is a mix of several swirling motions.


The Philips PowerPro vacuum cleaner is made of a substantial, lightweight plastic part. It weighs just 4.5kg. It is extremely simple to carry. Find out more information about Compact Bagless Vacuum India 2022.


There is no mud bag included in this Philips PowerPro Vacuum Cleaner. The unit also includes a dust bin which is easy to empty and can help reduce dust accumulation.


A 1800W motor offers superior suction power. Its 1800W motor boasts strong suction strength of 360W to allow for deep cleaning.

Outstanding performance over a longer period:

Power Cyclone 5 technology speeds the flow of air through the chamber’s cylinder shape. This helps to separate dirt from the air and allows the vacuum’s suction as well as performance to last for longer.

MultiClean nozzle:

MultiClean’s nozzle is attached to the floor in a tight way to remove dirt from all kinds of flooring.

Container for dust:

A handy-to-empty dust container is useful for reducing dust particles’ size. It is a one-handed use and permits hygienic and safe disposal.
It’s light and compact so it’s easy for you to move. The compact dimensions and its light weight make it easy to carry and store.


The handle is equipped with a brush that can be employed. It is simple to apply the brush to carpets and other smooth surfaces since it is connected to the handle. The Philips FC9352/01 vacuum Cleaner comes with an adjustable brush that can remove tiny mud particles and beautiful hairs from flooring and carpets.


The H13 filtering system is sealed and is able to capture 99.9 percent of dust particles like hair, pollen, and mites. This filter is great for people suffering from allergies as well as those who want to keep their hygiene better. HEPA 13 is similar with respect to filtering.

It is easy to modify your Active Lock couplings to any job

Active Lock couplings enable you to connect Telescopic tubes and other attachments.


Bagless vacuum cleaners have a revolutionary idea in cleaning technology for vacuums. They are simple to clean, use, and maintain. Many people are looking for bag-free vacuum cleaners due to numerous reasons. Although bagless vacuum cleaners provide various advantages

The following list summarizes the advantages that are offered by Philips PowerPro FC9352/01 Vacuum.


Bagless vacuum cleaners, such as FC9352/01 are more affordable to use as well as maintain than bagged vacuum cleaners. This is due to the fact that there is no need to purchase bags to utilize your vacuum. There are chambers that can be used for the disposal of garbage and dirt. Bagless sections are able to be filled with water multiple times and will last all the time of the device.

It is easy to tell that the tank is filled

Clear chambers on bagless vacuums permit users to clearly see the items they require to get rid of. You can also determine whether your vacuum is accumulating dirt or just watching it. It’s also gratifying to watch the machine absorb dirt. Bagless vacuums share a common feature with bagged vacuums when they are full, they become less effective in getting rid of dust and dirt. It is possible to avoid this from happening by regularly cleaning the tank.

Eco Friendly:

A bagless model of the FC9352/01 vacuum cleaner can be more eco-friendly than bags on its counterpart. Bagged vacuums will utilize hundreds of bags during their life. But a vacuum that is bagless does not throw away dust or dirt. If you’re a keen gardener or simply a keen gardener, it is possible to dump this chamber straight into the composter. When you do this ensure that everything inside the chamber is compostable.


The Philips PowerPro includes the H13 filter. The filter is fully sealed and is able to capture even the most delicate substances, like particles of pollen, dust, feathers, pets, and pollen. It’s tiny enough to cause allergic reactions.

Automatedly spin a cord:

This small bagless Philips Vacuum Cleaner features an automatic feature to wind the cord. This allows the cord to be connected without creating a mess.


Bagless vacuums are increasing in popularity However, they’re not necessarily the ideal choice for all. This kind of vacuum comes with a few obvious disadvantages. Bagless vacuums are an excellent alternative if you’re seeking to replace your vacuum cleaner.

More direct participation:

It’s a personal issue that is unlikely to affect a large percentage of the population. Many customers believe that a vacuum that is bagless is not clean enough and has to be cleaned regularly due to the fact that it accumulates dirt and other items.


Its Philips PowerPro FC9352/01 Compact Bagless vacuum cleaner is an outstanding vacuum cleaner. It’s not just an impressive suction system but it also has a great cleaning capacity. The motor is able to be protected by its ultra-fine filter and bagless feature, and bags that are bagless. It is Philips vacuum is an essential product due to its distinctive design and price. This concludes our discussion for Compact Bagless Vacuum India 2022.


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