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Brand Bajaj
Colour White
Material Plastic, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
Controls Type Remote
Form Factor Personal
Included Components Cooler, Caster wheels, Warranty card, Instruction manual
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Honeycomb Pads Air Cooler In India 2022

Are you in search of a Honeycomb Pads Air Cooler In India 2022? Air conditioners are not as practical and are more expensive in comparison to air coolers. They are also more practical and cost-effective compared to air conditioners. They also consume much less Freon as compared to air conditioners. This is one reason why many people prefer to utilize air coolers. Air coolers are better for your health and for the environmental environment.

Bajaj is a well-known Indian electronic and machine manufacturer that has something to offer you. The Platini PX97 Torque36 liters Room Air Cooler can propel you to new levels. This air cooler lets users experience coolness comparable to those offered by air-con but without adverse consequences. Let’s look at its benefits and benefits below.

Honeycomb Cooling Pad Air Cooler Overview:

Bajaj is well-known for its exceptional products and the level of customer satisfaction. The water tank is a capacity of 36 liters. It is also impressive. Its dimensions are 45.5×43.5×82.0 centimeters and weigh 11.4kg. It is suitable for 150 squares. ft. area. It has three honeycomb cooling pads on the sides for rapid cooling.

It is easy to take off, and pads are easily removed from the water tank as well as the tank itself. Also, it comes with castor tires which make it easy to move around your home. The performance of the motor is superb and it is able to work in a quiet manner due to its air deflection system that is four-way. It is extremely energy efficient and uses only 100 Watts.

This is an excellent air cooler in the event of frequent power outages in your region. Additionally, it will last longer with backup inverters. Cross ventilation is necessary for the similar cooling effect of many other air cooling systems. It is constructed of corrosion-resistant and engineered thermoplastics that give longevity for a long time.

Bajaj Platini PX97 Toque is fitted with a high-efficiency 3-speed fan. It has a powerful air throw of up to 30 feet. Fan also has a very low sound and quiet, which makes it extremely quiet. Read and know more about Honeycomb Pads Air Cooler In India 2022.

Features :

Honeycomb Media Systems for Cooling:

This permits cooling air to circulate This will make it cleaner and more hygienic. It is simple to get rid of the pads and clean the air.

3-Way Speed Control

This lets you choose the style that best suits your tastes and requirements.

Wide Coverage:

The room can be designed by 150 square meters which is quite sufficient. It is able to cool rooms of moderate size.

Reactive Turn Knobs:

It is easy to turn the knobs on the switch so that you don’t need to exert force too much.

Castor Wheels equipped with integrated Castors:

It’s integrated under the cooler air, which means it is easy to transfer it from one location to the next without trouble.

Use and Design

Its PX97 Torque cooler is air-cooled and is able to be used throughout the year and features a large and powerful fan. It can be utilized for any weather and even in zones with high humidity. The effect of humidity is to slow down the rate of evaporation which can affect the efficiency of the air conditioning. It is the PX 97 Torque that features a Humidity Control function that combats humidity and accelerates the Cooling process by evaporation.

Bajaj’s room cooler is perfect for cabins and small rooms. It is able to cool up to 150 feet. 2 feet. It can be used to cool spots like the cooling of individual cubicles within open offices. It comes with honeycomb cooling pads that are composed of synthetic material. They last for a long time, are robust, and require minimal maintenance.

The pads are placed on the three sides of the cabinet on three sides. This boosts the temperature and the evaporation rate by adding more surface area. Honeycomb pads are able to be washed, removed, and reused. Chill Trap Technology is utilized to cool pads. This innovative technology directs the cooling pads’ water to hot air, causing it to evaporate. Learn more about Honeycomb Pads Air Cooler In India 2022.

The pads are thus more efficient and decrease the amount of power consumed. To provide greater relaxation, the pads also offer strong surround cooling. Bajaj Platini PX 97 Torque features swing-motion automatic louvers. In order to spread cool air uniformly and evenly across the space, The louvers are equipped with an air-deflector system in four ways. The blade’s dimensions are 12 inches.

The fan is able to be operated by three speed settings: high, medium, and low. For a longer reach, the PX97 Torque’s air throw of 30 feet. It is equipped with 36 liters of water capacity. It has an indicator of the water level, but there is no ice chamber. It consumes very little electricity. Its rated power is 100 watts. This is among the lowest air coolers.

Its rating is a voltage of 230 volts, with a 50 Hz frequency. The power cord is 1.5 millimeters in length. The cooler is able to run using inverter power and can be used with inverters. It’s quiet and silent for continuous use. The cabinets of Bajaj’s personal refrigerator are constructed out of a durable engineering thermoplastic material.

The sturdy castor wheels permit mobility. The right-hand side of the top features two blue knobs that permit you to control the speed of the fan or the swing motion of the louvers. The device also has an outlet for water at its rear. The enclosure is 45.5 centimeters in width, 43.5 cm in breadth, and 82.0 centimeters in height. It weighs 11.4 kg.

To ensure maximum cross-ventilation, be sure that windows and doors are opened. This is essential for coolers to draw warm air from outside, and then release the stale air.


  • Affordable price
  • Energy-Efficient
  • A powerful air throws
  • Quiet Operation


  • It’s not ideal for small spaces or for spot cooling.


We’re done with this premium Bajaj air cooler. It is now time to let you give your opinion. This product is worthy of time and effort. It will give you the cooling air you require to stay cool and not be uncomfortable in the summer months. This concludes our discussion for Honeycomb Pads Air Cooler In India 2022.

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